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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Cats


Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a 35% strength solution. Unlike technical or cosmetic hydrogen peroxide, products labeled as food grade contain few to little added chemicals.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used in cats as a grooming aid, an emetic solution and is a purported health supplement.

As a grooming aid, H2O2 can restore the pH balance of skin and lend a cat’s coat a bright sheen. When administered as an emetic, it causes a cat to vomit anything it has eaten. Those who claim it is a supplement purport that it can aid, if not cure, a variety of mild to life-threatening ailments.

Hydrogen peroxide is not widely accepted as a health aid or supplement. If your cat is experiencing health problems, speak to a licensed veterinary medical care provider.

Many veterinarians, including educator Dr. Dennis McCurnin, cautions against the use of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, as the contents of the stomach may be aspirated, causing the cat to choke on its stomach contents.

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